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About Tunatus

Tunatus is the premier source for fresh and sustainable tuna products. Our team of experts ensures the highest quality and environmental stewardship.

At Tunatus, we are motivated by our commitment to provide exceptional taste and nutritional value through responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.

Our Initiatives

Making a Positive Impact through Sustainable Fishing Practices

Fisheries Management

Working closely with fisheries to ensure responsible and sustainable practices

Conservation Partnerships

Collaborating with organizations to protect and restore marine ecosystems

Research and Innovation

Investing in scientific research and technology to advance sustainable fishing methods

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Inspiring Stories

Discover how Tunatus has transformed lives and communities

Sustainable Fishing Initiative

Learn how our collaboration with local fishermen has revitalized their communities and protected marine resources.

Ocean Conservation Project

Explore how our partnership with a marine conservation organization has improved the health of coral reefs and fish populations.

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