FREE Graphics Design Courses 2021 – Top 10 courses

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With the increasing demand for a graphics designer and their skills, several people are eager to learn graphics design and offer paid services to those who need it.

For the sake of professionalism, it is important that creatives, photographers, and other people who work with visuals have insight into graphics design.

However, you do not have to go back to campus to learn or improve your graphics design skills. You can take online courses to enlighten yourself in terms of graphics design and even sharpen your design talents. Some of these online courses are provided by universities, graphic design experts, and online course hubs like Udemy.

You do not have to worry about money in case you cannot afford paid online graphics design classes. We have compiled free online graphics design courses just for you. They include:

1. Alison Online

Alison which is self-referred to as a “new world of free certified learning.” focuses on making it possible for interested persons to learn anything, from anywhere, at any subject level, for free. Although the company provides premium subscription plans for extra features since it is a for-profit company.

You can take up any free courses here and this qualification can be included in your resume. This can help you land jobs or freelance gigs. You will however have to pay if you want a certificate. It goes from $20 for a digital certificate and to over $100 for a framed diploma.

There are free graphic design courses on Alison and their options for different skill levels. There are beginner classes for novices like Visual and Graphics Skills, and so on.

2. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

For Udemy, videos from self-reliant teaching contractors are used to educate students and the prices vary depending on the length of the video, the teacher, and the field. On several occasions, there will be special sales on the site which you should be on the lookout for, several courses are also free on the site.

A good example is Introduction to Graphic Design, the course comprises topics like the design process, basic elements, the five main principles of design, and how to see the design through new eyes.

The courses aid students by opening their eyes to what real designers do, and give insight into what makes a good design. If you have no knowledge of graphics designing beforehand, you have no issues.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

OpenCourseWare is an online platform provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. OpenCourseWare is a free database of courses developed by competent academic teachers and course writers online. On this platform, it will be observed that most of these graphic design classes are associated with an overarching course on a different topic, like web coding. However, the resources provided on the platform are beneficial and the courses are not based on theories, but on practicals to help the learners do better.

An instance of graphics design classes being associated with an overarching class is a graphic design class being a part of a course on user interface design. Learners will be involved in a few simple activities that will give insight into graphic design techniques and concepts.

4. A Brief History of Typography

Typography is crucial to the work of a graphic designer and you will mostly see some usage of type in practically all parts of graphic design.

Every font is unique and puts in a distinct feeling and style to a design. Being able to choose your font is important to the work of a graphics designer, it can ruin the work done or give it the desired effect.

This document contains a thorough yet easy introduction to the history and nuances of typography.

The 100 best typefaces, short descriptions, and histories of the 10 most popular typefaces are also listed in the document with explanations on typeface classifications and characteristics.

5. Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline

You can teach yourself everything you need to learn about graphics design with the resources outlined by this article – Teach yourself graphics design-. It was written by Sean Hodge, who is the presentBusiness Editor for the Tuts+ educational network.

The article is made easy to understand as it is segregated into beneficial subtopics like design principles, history of design, and arranging a design portfolio.

6. Canva Design School

Canva Design School helps interested persons acquire skills in graphics design by delivering lectures, tutorials, resources, and articles on different beneficial courses for beginner or novice graphic designers. Graphic design courses like “Creativity” have seven lectures that include different subjects for example “how to grab attention with your designs” and “how to create and maintain your vision and style.”

How to Build a Brand is another beneficial class on Canva and students learn how to build a logo, choose a color palette, choose a type palette, find imagery, and create graphics that suit your brand and marketing.

The lessons in these courses are made to be in the form of a lengthy article and they contain valuable and beneficial information likedesigns, and links to resources.

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