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You can be awarded a scholarship for being an Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout Award is Scouting’s highest rank when seeking a scholarship.

Some of the scholarship awards that an Eagle Scout can receive arefrom the Boy Scouts of America, but there are external bodies thatsupport these scholarships.

To be eligible for Eagle Scout scholarships, applicants must be a National Eagle Scout Association member. Below are some types of scholarship that an Eagle Scout can apply for:


When it comes to academic scholarships, four factors will be considered: school, academic performance, scouting participation, and financial need.

These Eagle scholarships may involve intending to study a certain major. For instance, the NESA STEM Scholarship, a $50,000 award is granted to Eagle Scouts whose selected field is STEM-related.


Three things are considered for merit scholarships for Eagle Scouts from NESA. These include academic performance, school and Scouting participation, and community service.


The amount that is awarded by each scholarship differs. Academic scholarships awarded by the Boy Scouts of America are between$25,000 to $50,000. However, their merit scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.


Since Eagle Scouts are known to be trustworthy, helpful, courteous, respectful, loyal, and friendly which is a good reputation, being an Eagle Scout may help with college admissions but you should know that there are several things that colleges consider before granting admissions. Being an Eagle scout might help when the college is considering extracurricular activities or leadership skills.

Scholarships For Eagle Scouts

1.) Northrop Grumman Foundation Scholarship For Freshmen

Incoming and existing United States female students have access to this scholarship. They must be majoring in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering, and systems engineering. They must be students of eligible schools as seen on the SWE website.

Five students will receive $25000. The deadline for this scholarship is May 01, 2021

2.) CollegeXpress One-Question Education Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students who are legal residents of the United States. They must be over 13 years of age.

The scholarship award is $500 and the deadline is October 31.

3.) $1,500 Easy Scholarship: Use A Greener Way To Travel For A Day

The winner will get $1,500 for employing an environmentally sustainable way to commute to school, work, or other locations. They will be answering 5 easy questions on how they transport themselves to wherever they want to go.

The deadline for this is December 31.

4.) National Jewish Committee On Scouting Scholarship Program

High school students who are effective members of a synagogue will be eligible for the National Jewish Committee on Scouting Scholarship Program. The submission of the application is usually between October 1 and January 31. Anyone who wins will get up to $1,000.

5.) Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship

High school seniors who are active in Boys Scout of America and are already at the Eagle Scout level can apply. They must be younger than 19 years old. These students are also expected to be U.S citizens or permanent residents and be enlisted in an active Eagle Scout Unit. Anyone who wins can get up to $8,000. The total amount that will be awarded is $14000 and 3 awards will be granted.

The deadline for this scholarship is February 15.

6.) Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scholarship

High school seniors who are effective in Scouting and are practicing Catholics will be eligible for this scholarship. They must have earned the Eagle Scout/Silver Award, Ad Altare Dei, or Pope Pius XII Religious Award, before and proven to be excellent leaders.

A total amount of $12000 will be awarded and 6 awards will be granted.

The deadline for this scholarship is March 01.

7.) Wood Studies Scholarship

A high school student who is interested in studying forestry in a zeal to boost forestry practices for upcoming generations will be awarded the sum of $1,000. The applicant is expected to be in the process of registering at a four-year college/university to major in forestry, environmental science, or natural resources. This scholarship is non-renewable and the deadline is March 01.

8.) Sheila Z. Kolman Memorial Scholarship

United States high school seniors in Baltimore, with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher will be eligible for this scholarship. They must indicate financial need. Students will also submit a 500-1,000 word essay narrating how a teacher positively affected his/her life.

The total amount to be awarded is $1000 and 1 award only will be granted. The deadline is March 01.

9.) VFW Scout Of The Year Scholarship

High school students who are effective members of a Boy Scout Troop, Venturing Crew, or Sea Scout Ship and have earned the Eagle Scout Award, Venture Silver Award, or Quartermaster Awardwill be eligible for this scholarship. Interested applicants should be around 15 to 18 years of age.

The total amount to be awarded is $3000 and 3 scholarships will be awarded. The deadline is March 01.

10.) National Eagle Scout Association Merit Scholarship

Eagle Scouts who are graduating high school seniors or presentundergraduate students will be eligible. Applications should be submitted no later than the completion of their junior year of college. Students are also required to have scored at least 1290 SAT or 28 ACT scores.

The total amount to be awarded is $420000 and 84 awards will be granted.

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