November 23, 2020

PUBG New Era Apk Download FREE [Updated]

Pubg players just got an update which is the pubg new era, I’ll be writing about the pubg new era, providing the download link for pubg new era apk and also telling you some of the improvements on this version of the apk.

PUBG New Era Apk

The update of PUBG Mobile which is the PUBG New era has finally been extended, marking the start of a replacement era for the sport. The update options much-awaited changes and tweaks like Erangel a pair of.0 map, new Halloween Infection mode, and a revamped Cheer Park.

PUBG New Era Apk


  • Most cellphones will support ninety FPS
  • Tommy gun will currently be equipped with a red dot or holo sight
  • Firing removes indomitability within the arena mode
  • Cheer pack extreme arena: opens Oct twenty-three, fight zombies during a clear building
  • New UI
  • Royale pass season fifteen
  • UMP45: higher rate of fireplace and harm
  • DBS: will currently spawn on the bottom
  • Improved monster truck model

Mysterious energy towers stay in Erangel.

  • Players will redeem provides from these towers by meeting sure conditions in combat
  • Players have an opportunity to enter this mode throughout Erangel matchmaking in classic mode
  • EvoGround additions:

PUBG New Era Apk

New Erangel

  • Updated sky, land, water, and vegetation
  • Building changes
  • Large resource purpose changes
  • Mylta Power: rework with new building layout
  • Quarry: improved textures, adjusted building layouts, and 7 new warehouses
  • Prison: adjusted parcel of land, extra walls, new building layouts
  • Added trenches, picket barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions
  • Adjusted the structure of some urban areas
  • Some buildings currently have basements

Download PUBG New Era Apk

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