November 26, 2020

Faug Apk Download FREE [Latest Version]

Today I’ll be revealing to you guys a new game app which is the faug apk, I’m sure you’ll like it guys, the download link of the app here o n our website is live and working.

I’ll be saying a little thing about this game below, I know y’all heard about the app before but I’ll do a quick overview about what the app is all about and also provide the download link if the app is available.

Faug Apk

FAUG App is a very fun game to play,

FAUG’s full name is FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS. it’s a totally online multiplayer game. with this, two-hundredths of FAU-G revenue can move to BharatKeVeer.

Guys, you’ll conjointly play this game together with your friends sort of a PUBG Mobile. it’s about to run sort of a full platform. This is a very fun game and most anticipated game in India, So many users are waiting for the release of the awesome game, with lots of high graphics and design.

The game is not available yet on playstore but i’ll be leaving a link to check if it’s available yet, so click on the link at the end of this post to know.


faug apk

So guys what you need to do now is hit the link below to download this App for free, i assure you that the link is safe for your device and not harmful.


  • Compatible Android Device
  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Enough MB
  • Memory space
  • and Lastly patience to wait for the download

Download Faug Apk

Download APK

Kindly leave a comment if you have anything to say about this App.

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